Crypto Investor Show 2018 in London


Thousands of people attended the “Crypto Investor Show” in Central London on Saturday 10th March 2018.
More than 2,500 tickets were sold, according to Patrick Dooley, the founder and chief executive of the trade fair.
Hundreds of those who bought tickets queued for up to an hour to enter the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, near the Houses of Parliament, and this is the evidence of the interest surge around the cryptocurrencies world.
The purpose of this UK’s biggest crypto and blockchain event is to allow the general public to invest in digital currencies and initial coin offering (ICO).
Dozens of new cryptocurrencies and tokens have been pitched to potential investors at the trade fair, showing a variety of different sectors.

Here are some of the exhibitors:

eToro is the main sponsors of this event and is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company.
One of the main features of eToro is the “Copy-Trading“.
eToro enables investors to view, follow and copy the network’s top traders automatically.
eToro allows users to invest in stock CFDs, FX, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.
Learn more about on their website.

Skillchain is the definitive Protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to certify and guarantee your skills in a permanent way.
Alfio Bardolla, the founder of this project, is an entrepreneur, a financial coach and a best-selling author of personal finance books.
At the show, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with some of the team members of this project: Davide Mitscheunig, Co-Founder and CMO, an expert in marketing, and Giacomo Bruno, Advisor, an entrepreneur and marketing expert, that brought educational ebooks in Italy in 2002 with his own publishing house “Bruno Editore”.
The Pre-ICO starts on 6th April 2018.
Learn more about on their website.

COBINHOOD is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which provides spot trading and margin trading with zero trading fees to maximize traders’ profit and market liquidity.
To build this new zero-fee cryptocurrency exchange platform, the COBINHOOD team organized an initial coin offering. As part of this crowdfunding project, they issued COBINHOOD tokens, known as COB. COB token holders get 50% off margin trading loan interest when using the token to pay for expenses. Additionally, they will be eligible for future ICO tokens underwritten by COBINHOOD. It is possible that additional benefits will arise in the future, but for now, those are the main selling points.
Learn more about on their website.

Easy Crypto Hunter is the UK’s premier GPU mining hardware providers, supplying individuals and businesses across the world.
The high-quality custom-built mining rigs can be collected, delivered or hosted on their facility.
A perfect way to earn a passive income from crypto.
Learn more about on their website.

FireLotto is an international decentralised lottery on blockchain technology.
The distribution and the payout procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts.
The winnings of any size are paid out almost instantly and are not taxed. They are automatically transferred to the winners’ cryptocurrency wallets.
You can buy the tokens on ICO from the 15th March.
Learn more about on their website.

Dragon Coin is a decentralized currency for casinos and players.
Their public crowdsale is now closed.
Learn more about on their website.

ZenCash is a public, private and anonymous blockchain platform for money, messages and media.
It is designed for long-term operation, with no pre-mining, no ICO and a fixed supply of 21 million.
Learn more about on their website.

The 3 main reasons to buy Assetereum are:
1. Backed by real assets, like commercial real estate, so it does have an intrinsic value
2. assets generate revenues, that are reinvested to help increase the value of the coin.
3. UK based company, with real people, real customer service and support, completely transparent.
Learn more about on their website.

BitCar is the first platform in the world that will allow you to P2P trade fractions of exotic cars using your crypto. Owners can peg their crypto to these hard assets for protection during times of high crypto volatility.
Users will have access to this historically outperforming asset class for the first time through BitCar.
BitCar will then also seek to provide fractional ownership services to the very large automotive industry using this new decentralized blockchain technology.
The BitCar token sale is currently open but it will close very soon.
Learn more about on their website.

XTB is one of Europe’s leading brokers, providing instant access to over 1500 global CFD markets, including FX, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, share CFDs and ETFs.
You can also get trade alerts on your mobile via Whatsapp.
Learn more about on their website.

Other exhibitors present were:
Crowd for Angels
DX Network
LiveTree ADEPT
ORS Group
Evatar Gaming Network
Sharps Pixley
TAX Token
Zero Carbon Project
Big Blockchain Intelligence Group
Me Mento


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