Bellavita & Italian Cuisine Week 2017


The Italian Cuisine Week is an annual series of events which take place from 20 to 26 November 2017 in hundreds of countries around the World.

It is a legacy of Expo Milano 2015, inspired by the issues addressed by the Milan Charter: quality, sustainability, culture, food security, the right to food, education, identity, territory and biodiversity.

Coordinated by Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the initiative aims to support Italian cuisine abroad, informing and educating people about the broad range of Italian culinary traditions and local identities.

During the week, participants will have the chance to attend various events such as educational conferences, panels, workshops, product exhibitions, themed tastings and masterclasses held by sought-after Italian chefs.

From 20 to 26 November, Bellavita Academy will host a series of events for Italian Cuisine Week aimed at both professionals and consumers.

These are Bellavita Academy’s events for the week:


Bellavita – The excellence of Italy
4pm – 7pm
Press conference and presentation of Bellavita programme for the week introduced by Pasquale Terracciano, the Italian Ambassador in London (trade only).

An Italian wine journey through indigenous grape varieties
3pm – 5.30pm
In collaboration with Mondial Wine, guests will experience a guided tasting through remarkable but unknown wines (trade only).

Bellavita Pizza Night
5.30pm – 9pm
An event fully dedicated to authentic Neapolitan pizza topped with the freshest ingredients of Italy.
Bottomless pizza will be served to anyone joining the event (open to the public).

Italian Aperitivo
5.30pm – 9pm
A social tasting of authentic Italian food & drink where tradition meets innovation (open to the public).




Bellavita Academy

Bellavita Academy is the institute of Italian culinary culture in central London. In collaboration with many renowned Italian brands, the Academy is a hub were professionals and consumers can attend classes, events, workshops and debates to improve their skills and network.






Bellavita Shop

Bellavita Shop brings a broad variety of artisan product and regional specialities directly from Italy to customers in the UK and internationally.







Bellavita Expo

Bellavita is the biggest artisan Italian food and beverage exhibition outside Italy. Our events are hosted all around the globe – London, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Chicago, Toronto, Mexico City and Bangkok – and they bring together professionals who share a passion for authentic and high quality Italian products.




Some of the amazing Italian products you can buy at Bellavita Shop in London:

Press conference and presentation of Bellavita programme for the week introduced by Pasquale Terracciano, the Italian Ambassador in London:

Italian Chefs cooking pasta (ravioli and risotto) and pizza:

Pizza making workshop:

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