“50 Kalò” Neapolitan pizzeria has opened in London


“50 Kalò”, the best Neapolitan pizzeria has opened in London!

The authentic Neapolitan pizzeria opened its doors on Thursday 12th July at Trafalgar Square.

This is the first pizzeria opened abroad, for the master pizzaiolo Ciro Salvo.

The restaurant is elegant, with modern furniture, it is 200 square metres and can host 90 people; there is a wood oven covered by red tiles and a dedicated section for the dough machine in which the temperature is regulated by air conditioning.

The menu is the same as the one in Napoli and includes a variety of pizza flavours, with real Italian ingredients selected by Ciro Salvo; there are also typical fried starters (arancini, frittattina, crocche’) and a selection of wines and craft beers.

On the opening day, I had the chance to taste the classic Margherita, the Margherita 50 Kalo’, the Montanara and the Cosacca.

All of them were absolutely amazing: the look, the smell and the taste confirmed my expectations. The pizza is good as the one in 50 Kalo’ in Sannazaro Square, Napoli.

A big thank you from London Community! You made us feel at home. This is a dream that comes true for us, Neapolitans in London.


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